E 218 SUB

Dual 18” hornloaded pulse compensated subwoofer / 2.000W (RMS)

In the world of subwoofers, professionals usually talk about maximum sound pressure, power capability of the components and frequency range. The NOVA E218SUB satisfies all these factors with top values. With a maximum sound pressure level of not less than 140 dB the E218SUB is setting new standards. The technical basis consists of two heavy-duty 18" transducers, each with a impressive 4" voice coil. When developing the E218SUB, the NOVA research and development team was working as a pioneer on another highlight, which only a few other manufacturers have talked about.

The dynamic range of music is defined as the difference between the loudest and the quietest tone.  The larger the range between the loudest and the quietest tone, the more levels of volume can be detected and enjoyed much better by the listeners.  The higher the extent of the dynamic range, the closer a band or orchestra sounds to the original. A full orchestra for example, has a dynamic extent of up to 70 dB. The E218SUB has a significant higher dynamic transmission, which leads to an increased detection of different volumes.

► Very high sound pressure (140 dB)
► Ultra-compact format
► Light weight (61.5 kg only)
► Two heavy-duty 18-" transducers (4" voice coil)
► Extremely high dynamic range
► Pulse compensated construction
► Highly precise bass reproduction

The perfect calculated parameters of the E218SUB enables ultra-compact housing dimensions, unique in its class. With a weight of only 61.5 kg, the E218SUB is one of the most compact and lightest double-18" subwoofers in the world. The E218SUB has exactly the same dimensions as the well-known single-18" subwoofer E18SUB (NOVA ELITE series).

E218SUB - the dynamics Maximizer.
A true dynamics wonder, which lets you enjoy the music much more.

2 x 18", pulse compensated hybrid subwoofer
34 Hz - 700 Hz
39 Hz - 400 Hz

Passive: 2.000 W / 4.000 W
140 dB SPL peak
104 dB SPL
2 x NOVA 18/1000EL, 4” voice coil woofer
4 ohms (passive)
External Signal Processing
Subwoofer, 15 mm, plywood (multilayer)
6 x integrated handles
Black NOVA PolyCoat© finish
Powder coated, black, perforated steel with acoustic
transparent charcoal foam backing, NOVA logo
2 x Neutrik© Speakon© NL4
2+/2- (1+/1- linked from input to output)
800 mm x 590 mm x 800 mm
65 kg
ROD1: Distance Rod, (Article number: # 80016)
WNB1: Set of 100mm wheels, (Article number: # 30060)

System Type:
Frequency Range (-10 dB):
Frequency Response (±3 dB):
Coverage Pattern:
HF Horn:
Crossover Modes:
Crossover Frequency:
Power Rating
(Continuous** / Program):
Maximum SPL***:
System Sensitivity (1w/1m):
LF Driver
LF Nominal Impedance:
MF Driver:
MF Nominal Impedance:
HF Driver:
HF Nominal Impedance:
Active Tunings:
Suspension / Mounting:

Input Connectors:

Dimensions (W x H x D):
Net Weight:
Optional Accessories:


CAD Drawings

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Line Array Types

Monitoring Types

Rigging Subwoofers

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Recommended Mid/High Speaker(s)



PDF ELITE Application Guide / System Configurations

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Set of 100mm blue wheels, version with 4 holes, 2 x with brake, 2 x without brake


Distance rod (steel tube combination) to connect satellite systems, M20 bolt



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NIC | NOVA Pulse Compensation.

The complete new and innovative NIC (NOVA Pulse Compensation) technology is based on a further development of a horn in combination with a four-chamber rear ventilation. The thus boosted subwoofer signal is divided into two parts. The higher frequency part is guided to the horn construction at the centre of the E218SUB. The lower frequency part is guided to the four-chamber rear ventilation. Both tuning frequencies are optimally adapted to each other. The achieved very high transient response results in a very precise bass reproduction with an immense dynamic range. The homogeneous dispensation of the higher and lower frequency range leads to a significant reduction of housing vibration.

A further advantage of the hybrid NIC (NOVA pulse compensation) technology is a dramatic increase in sound pressure to a maximum value of 140 dB. If two or more E218SUBs operate in stacked applications above the other, the functionality of the horn increases even significantly more.