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Professional speaker management systems

DSP Digital Controlling

All NOVA speaker management systems are equipped with uncompromising components. Lightning-fast 32-bit "TI" DSP processors and high-class „Burr Brown©“ AD/DA converters with a sampling rate up to 192 kHz enable a dynamic range of up to 114dB. The DC8000 accepts analog and digital signals (AES / EBU format).

The editor software is easy to use and allows comfortable editing and programming of all parameters on the PC. Any change can be heard immediately in real time and is graphically displayed. The presets can be loaded, edited and stored on the PC and on the controllers front panel. The "DATA VIEW" function allows printing of all parameters.


arrow   DC 4000   32-Bit digital 2-in/4-out speaker management system


arrow   DC 8000   32-Bit digital 4-in/8-out speaker management system

NOVA digital speaker management systems are reknowned for outstanding sound quality and reliable equipment that satisfies the demands of professional users and fixed installations. Due to NOVAs advanced technologies in DSPs and AD/DA converters, the controllers offer sound in high definition quality with absolutely brilliant technical specifications. The products are developed to control even complex and large-scaled loudspeaker systems and can be used for any fixed or mobile application, from stadiums, arenas, concert halls, churches, recording studios, casinos, nightclubs to theatres.

The preset database for all NOVA digital controllers makes it as easy as never before to find the right settings for different speaker configurations. The database is available online. Select product series, speaker combination and controller model. Download the free preset from the NOVA website.

arrow   Preset Database


arrow   HDC 48   Next-Level 4-in/8-out Audio Controller with Class-Leading Sonic Performance