N Sub - 18" and 2x 18" Subwoofer

The N Sub-series are high power subwoofers developed for particularly deep and precise bass reproduction. Good handling and exclusive, modern design are further positive features of this series. N Sub-series subwoofers are the foundation of the Novacoustic. Comprising three subwoofer models of varying size and performance for ground stacked operation, each is optimised to meet a specific challenge, helping you to create your ideal system configuration.

From extremely compact, single speaker bass extension for monitoring or use in small clubs, through to complex bass arrays for concert touring and open-air events, N Sub-series subwoofers will deliver the performance and adaptability you need.

N Sub 18


N Sub 218


N Sub 36


  The N Sub 18 is a compact high performance subwoofers system, used an 18" long excursion driver, with a 4-inch voice coil. Due to the optimized design of the transducer cabinet and radiant tube technology, this unique arrangement of specially-shaped ports ensures an optimum airflow. This reduces internal turbulence, maximizing the efficiency of the transducers and thus allowing more amplifier power to be converted into acoustic energy.   The N Sub218 used two 18" high-efficiency ultra-low frequency driver with a 4-inch voice coil and long stroke. Due to the optimized design of the transducer cabinet and curved radiant tube technology, provide accurate and highly ef f icient bass reproduction over a wide frequency range, it can replay the 29 Hz (processed) limit frequency to obtain excellent radiation ef f iciency and excellent sound quality. By relaxing the requirements for amplifier power, system costs can be reduced.   The N Sub 36 is a powerful and flexible double 18" high performance subwoofer system, used two 18" high-efficiency neodymium magnet ultra-low frequency driver with a 4-inch voice coil and long stroke. The enclosure is tuned to a low frequency by way of a long port with a large surface area. This allows the N Sub36 to obtain a wide passband and a considerable extension towards the bottom end of the frequency response. The N Sub36's acoustic performance is the result of experience, in-depth analysis and careful design. The inner configuration improves the stiffness-to-weight ratio of the overall structure while the baffle orientation and the woofer placement are designed to minimise internal resonance, dampen box-vibration modes and eliminate completely the usual 'port turbulence' associated with this loading method.It is perfectly suitable for horizontal, vertical or end fired sub-arrays.


  Clubs, bars, restaurants, theatres, Conference rooms or churches , including live music and dance venues.   Clubs, bars, restaurants, theatres , including live music and dance venues.   Clubs, stadiums,DJs,powerful sound for concert halls and open-air events.


The latest generation of NOVA woofer technology
18” long-excursion low frequency transducers
Very high power handling and maximum sound pressure level
4” long-excursion voice coil technology
Designed to work vertically or horizontally
Birch tour grade cabinet
Airflow optimized front grill
Ergonomic grip handles
The cabinet features two connectors in a recessed input plate