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iC12A Multipurpose Speaker

12” / 2-way self-powered monitor / loudspeaker / 1.000 W
Light, powerful and innovative: The iC12A powered speaker offers everything you need for the perfect gig. 1.000 watts deliver pressure and performance. The efficient Class-D amplifier module ensures powerful drive. The 12" speaker sounds punchy and loud. The 1.35" driver let the iC12A sound crystal clear. The iC12A is ready-to-use within seconds.

KD12 Powered Monitor

MYTHOS Powered Speakers

EUROPA Column Systems

EUROPA combines first time all the advantages of a column speaker with the performance and requirements of an uncompromising professional sound system.
EUROPA is based on the technology, the high-power components, and the sound quality of a line-array system.

KIRA Coaxial Speakers

CX15WP Coaxial Speaker

High-grade, coaxial hornloaded 2-way fullrange speaker for professional installation and mobile use.
t convinces with its weatherproofed cabinet housing (IP65), wide dispersion, maximum dynamics and excellent, natural sound quality. The coaxial technology allows for a compact design and constant tonal balance over distance, giving the CX15WP smooth coverage for off-axis audiences.

VISIO Passive Speakers

All VISIO cabinets are optimally tuned to each other and insure excellent acoustic harmony even in bigger sound systems.
The loudspeakers with aluminium baskets, the high drivers with titanium membrans and the horns of fibre glass are especially developed for the VISIO series. All this insures a sound performance at the highest level.

2-way high-precision coaxial speakers for mobile use and installation
The KIRA family comprises four high-grade, passive 2-way coaxial speakers for ambitious users. All KIRA models convince with maximum dynamics and excellent, natural sound quality. The KIRA18SC is a high-performance subwoofer and a real problem solver, which is designed especially for the installation in corners.

2-way self-powered coaxial monitors / loudspeakers / 1.000 W
The all-new MYTHOS series powered loudspeakers are uncompromising monitors, fullrange types and mid/high cabinets in systems - all-in-one. All MYTHOS series models deliver sonic clarity and performance beyond. The self-powered MYTHOS loudspeakers are ideal allround solutions for the up-market user.

12” / 2-way self-powered coaxial monitor / loudspeaker / 1.000 W
The self-powered KD12 is an uncompromising monitor and fullrange speaker - all-in-one. The KD12 delivers advanced sonic clarity and top performance. Whether as stage monitor, fullrange speaker, frontfill for larger stages or as delay speaker: The KD12 is the ideal allround solution for the up-market user.

MAXLINE Compact Line-Array

MAXLINE M5 is a groundbreaking professional loudspeaker: Dynamic, neutral and natural in sound.
The M5 combines the advantages of six different speaker types in a unique way. Professional sound reinforcement was never before simpler, more compact, faster and more flexible. The MAXLINE M5 includes three uncompromising professional line-array speakers in one single cabinet.

ELITE Line Array System

With the ELITE speaker series NOVA is setting a new standard in technology of line array systems.
The whole family is based on horn-loaded technologies in combination with coaxial layout for precisely and symmetrical coverage. The ELITE family is completely based on NOVAs „EHORN“ technology. All models including subwoofers are fully horn-loaded.

CINEMA Sound Systems

The future of digital cinema sound.
NOVA cinema systems are designed to provide an exciting cinema experience surprising moviegoers over and over again. Leading line array technology, speakers for advanced multi-channel applications, 3D sound and complete system solutions: NOVA sound systems offer cinema operators the ability to remain competitive in the future.

POWER Amplifiers

DIGITAL Controlling

NOVA digital speaker management systems are reknowned for outstanding sound quality and reliable equipment that satisfies the demands of professional users and fixed installations.
Due to NOVAs advanced technologies in DSPs and AD/DA converters, the controllers offer sound in high definition quality with absolutely brilliant technical specifications.

NOVA power amplifiers offer extensive features, compact dimensions and attractive pricing.
All models offer stable power output and a high effciency factor at high performance level and are the ideal choice for mobile use and installations. All NOVA amplifiers are exclusively equipped with uncompromising components. Selected transistors and capacitors ensure a very high audio quality.

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