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arrow   M 5
2-way speaker
6 x 5“ transducer + 3 x 1,75” driver
1.600 W (Program), 6 ohms,
100° x 22° (HxV)

The MAXLINE M5 is a groundbreaking professional loudspeaker: Dynamic, neutral and natural in sound. The M5 combines the advantages of six different speaker types in a unique way. Professional sound reinforcement was never before simpler, more compact, faster and more flexible. The MAXLINE M5 includes three uncompromising professional line-array speakers in one single cabinet. The six high-performance 5" transducers (each with a 1,5" voice coil), combined with the large midrange horn, enable a reliably powerful operation up from 100 Hz. The planar waveguide is equipped with three BEYMA© TPM4-1750 drivers, which are equipped with 1,75" voice coils and PM4 polymer diaphragms. Those ensure well-defined dynamics and a particularly high tonal accuracy. The whole M5 construction provides tremendous headroom for maximum of total performance and sound quality at highest level.

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MAXLINE Configurations


arrow   E 218 SUB
ground subwoofer
2.000 W (RMS)
dual 18” transducers


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