P 9
P18SUB is a high performance 18” subwoofer, extremely compact, direct beam, suspended ultra-low frequency speaker. The compact bass reflex system is equipped with an 18’’ neodymium iron boron tapered driver, which can produce ultra-low frequencies as low as 35 Hz due to its linear tuning. Symmetrically arranged port holes can ensure the best coupling between systems through multiple stacks 。The cabinet is constructed from plywood and is covered with weather and impact protecting Nova Polyurea Protection finish. The front of the loudspeaker is protected by a robust metal front grill with acoustically transparent foam. Each side includes two handles. The acoustical and mechanical design enables the P18SUB to be used as a very powerfull subwoofer or extremly deep Infra Sub. The P18SUB is compatible to P10 line array . Ideal to use where very high SPL, and clear subwoofer performance is needed.
► Double-tuned, quarter-wave loaded high-impact subwoofer system
► 1 x custom made long excursion 18” neodymium transducer for high pressure loading
► Large, rounded vent for improved breathing and low compression
► Force-ventilated 4" voice-coil for low power compression prolonged performance
► Outstanding performance at very high SPL
► Matrix cabinet construction
35Hz - 180Hz
38Hz - 150Hz
1.200 W / 4800 W
137 dB
96 dB
1x custom made 18" Neodymium Speaker, 4" VC
8 Ohms
15mm Baltic Birch Plywood
4 ergonomic handles
Black NPP PolyUrea coating
2 x Neutrik© Speakon© NL4, 1+/1-Input , 2+/2- Loop
700 mm x 544.7 mm x 780 mm
50kg ( 110lbs)
Line Array Module