P 9
The P12 is a horn loaded 3-way line array module. It was designed for large indoor and outdoor applications. All transducers are equipped with neodymium magnets. The low frequency range is handled by two 12” speaker,Both 12” speakers are working on separate vented chambers. and two high precision 3” HF compression driver loaded directly in front of a 10” mid-range. The P12 delivers remarkable lows and low-mids, dynamic highs and pristine intelligibility, all in a compact cabinet that can be pole-mounted or flown as required. Its unique coaxial mid-high section provides a very precise and even dispersion pattern of 110° x 10°.

The total arrangement of five speakers in a compact coaxial design ensures a perfect horizontal and vertical dispersion. Two 12-inch woofers extend its frequency range down to 45 Hz. The three-way design offers impressive dynamic headroom with minimal distortions and coloration. The P12 loudspeaker is designed to be driven in three-way active mode with FIR filter technology by using the NTX30 amplifier. The horn loaded coaxial speaker arrangement ensures a very precise horizontal and vertical coverage. The cabinet is constructed from plywood and is covered with weather and impact protecting Polyurea coating. The front of the loudspeaker is protected by a robust metal front grill with acoustically transparent foam. There is a huge ergonomic handle on each side and two ergonomic handles at the back, making it easy to quickly build, install, and operate the system. The integrated three-point rigging hardware is recessed into the cabinet enclosure. The SLS (Splay Lock System) rigging technology makes splay adjustment to a walkover in two steps only, configuration and locking. Compatible to all P-Series Subwoofers.

The P12 loudspeaker can be used for a wide range of applications, such as for stadiums, concerts, theatres, live bands, dance clubs, festivals.
40Hz - 20KHz
45Hz - 19KHz
110° x 10°
active with FIR DSP
LF :450 W*2 / 1800 W *2
MF: 350 W/1400 W
2 x 12" Neodymium Woofer, 3" VC
1 x 10" Neodymium Mid-range, 3" VC
2 x 1.4" Neodymium Comp. Driver, 3" VC
LF:8 Ω*2/ MF:8 Ω/ HF:16 Ω
15/ mm Baltic Birch Plywood
4 ergonomic handles
Black NPP PolyUrea coating
Powder coated, black, perforated aluminum, acoustically transparent
Charcoal foam backing
2 x Neutrik NL8, 1+/1- LF L , 2+/2- LF R , 3+/3-MF, 4+/4- HF
1208mm x 391mm x 570mm
62kg ( 136.69lbs)