EH 15 90° x   40° (HxV)

15” + 1.4” / 2-way hornloaded speaker / 600W (RMS)

The EH15 is a coaxial, horn-loaded cabinet. The combination of a 15" woofer and a 1.4" compression driver allows a sound pressure of 134 dB at a uniform horizontal and vertical coverage.

► 90° x 40° (H x V) nominal coverage
► Max. sound pressure level 134 dB (50 Hz-20 kHz)
► Real fullrange functionality
► 600 W speaker power capability / 8 ohms impedance
► Fully integrated flyware
► Cabinet can be stacked onto E18SUB subwoofer

The EH15 is a two-way high performance speaker in a trapezoidal chassis for fixed installations and mobile use. The cabinet is equipped with one 1,4" HF driver (2,5” voice coil), which is mounted onto a horn. The nominal coverage is 90° x 40° (H x V). The MF/LF section is equipped with one high-performance 15" speaker (3” voice coil), which is hornloaded. The 15” transducer is contructed behind the horn of the high-frequency section (coaxial construction). The EH15 can be flown by using the EC1 flyframe. The EH15 is compatible with all other ELITE models including ELITE subwoofers. The EH15 can be directly stacked onto the E18SUB subwoofer without any adapter or additional frame. The chassis is constructed from 15 mm plywood (birch) and covered with black PolyCoat© finish. The cabinet is equipped with two grip handles and one front grill with transparent charcoal foam backing. Two speakon connectors (NL4) are mounted at the rear side of the chassis for signal input (input) and signal link (link). The power rating of the EH15 is 600 W (RMS), the impedance is 8 ohms.

15", two-way, horn-loaded, coaxial
50 Hz - 20 kHz
60 Hz - 18 kHz
90° x 40° nominal
Rotatable fibre glass horn
1.1 kHz

Passive: 600 W / 1.200 W
134 dB SPL peak
102 dB SPL
1 x NOVA 15/600EL, 3” voice coil woofer
8 ohms (passive)
1 x NOVA TPM4-2500, 2.5 in. voice coil driver
8 ohms (passive)
n/a (passive)
Fullrange, 15 mm, plywood (multilayer)
Integrated flyware including pins, aluminium / steel
2 x integrated handles
Black NOVA PolyCoat© finish
Powder coated, black, perforated steel with acoustic
transparent charcoal foam backing, NOVA logo
2 x Neutrik© Speakon© NL4
1+/1- (2+/2- linked from input to output)
590 mm x 470 mm x 535 mm
40 kg
EC1: Flying frame (Article number: # 26109)
ACS2: Set of 4 stand for EC1 (Article number: # 30153)

System Type:
Frequency Range (-10 dB):
Frequency Response (±3 dB):
Coverage Pattern:
HF Horn:
Crossover Modes:
Crossover Frequency:
Power Rating
(Continuous** / Program):
Maximum SPL***:
System Sensitivity (1w/1m):
LF Driver
LF Nominal Impedance:
MF Driver:
MF Nominal Impedance:
HF Driver:
HF Nominal Impedance:
Active Tunings:
Suspension / Mounting:

Input Connectors:

Dimensions (W x H x D):
Net Weight:
Optional Accessories:


CAD Drawings

PDF Technical Drawing

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DWG Technical Drawing


Product Pictures

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Flyframe for ELC26, EL10 and EL15 line-array modules, the
EH15 speaker and subwoofers ELC15 SUB and E15 SUB,
25 kg weight


Line Array Types

Hornloaded Types

Monitoring Types

Rigging Subwoofers

Ground Subwoofers

Recommended Subwoofer(s)




Set of 4 feet (M20), for ground stacking applications,
for EC1 flyframe


PDF Technical Drawing EC1

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PDF Technical Drawing EP2 Pin

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DWG Technical Drawing EP2 Pin


DWG Technical Drawing EC1




Program Software Download EASE FOCUS 3.0.18


GLL File for EH15


EPLUG | Increased Midrange-SPL.

NOVAs engineers have developed the so-called „EPLUG“ for higher sound pressure at the important frequency range between 500 Hz and 2.000 Hz. This technology is based on an especially calculated phase plug, which works onto the woofer of the mid frequencies. The EPLUG compresses the air molecules between membran and phase plug. This results in much higher sound pressure. Based on this technology, ELITE speakers deliver more sound pressure in this important range. It enables the use of even a 15" speaker without lost of the important mid frequencies. The crossover frequency between mid speaker and high driver can be set much higher then usually.

ELITE LIVE | Hornloaded System.

The ELITE LIVE system consists of two 2-way speakers EH15 and four 18" subwoofers E18SUB. This configuration is a professional tool for top 40 bands, open-air concerts and for the installation. The E18SUB subwoofer includes one 18" speaker with a power rating of 1.000 W (RMS).

The ELITE LIVE system offers speaker power capability of 5.200 W (RMS) and covers an audience of up to 1.200 persons without any compromise.