Groundbreaking 3-in-1 line array loudspeaker,
combining 6 system types in one single cabinet.

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Features and Facts

► FUSION© concept combines 6 system types in one cabinet
► High-resolution 6 x 5" + 3 x 1,75" transducers  (2-way passive)
► Reliable sound pressure from 100 Hz up to 20 kHz
► TRIPLEX© technology  (three speakers in one housing)
► Highly efficient waveguide  (based on ELITE series)
► Dual coaxial construction for perfect signal runtime
► Hornloaded 136 dB sound pressure  (long throw operation)
► High load capacity of 800 W (RMS) / 1.600 W (program)
► 100° horizontal coverage (large-area sound distribution)
► 22° vertical coverage (precise, low-reflection)
► Compact design for less loading volume (37 cm width)
► Plug & Play concept for tripod or flown operation
► Easy handling and innovative accessories
► Scalable system (3 speakers = 9 line array units)
► Nearly unlimited applications
► Mobile use and fixed installation


Premium Components and Sonic Clarity

The MAXLINE M5 is a groundbreaking professional loudspeaker: Dynamic, neutral and natural in sound. The M5 combines the advantages of six different speaker types in a unique way. Professional sound reinforcement was never before simpler, more compact, faster and more flexible. The MAXLINE M5 includes three uncompromising professional line-array speakers in one single cabinet.

The six high-performance 5" transducers (each with a 1,5" voice coil), combined with the large midrange horn, enable a reliably powerful operation up from 100 Hz. The planar waveguide is equipped with three BEYMA© TPM4-1750 drivers, which are equipped with 1,75" voice coils and PM4 polymer diaphragms. Those ensure well-defined dynamics and a particularly high tonal accuracy.

The whole M5 construction provides tremendous headroom for maximum of total performance and sound quality at highest level.


NOVA FUSION Conecpt combines 6 System Types in 1 Cabinet

The groundbreaking FUSION© concept combines the line array technology with a hornloaded loudspeaker, a dual coaxial design, the compactness of classic 2-way loudspeakers, the advantages of a satellite system and the flexibility of a large sound system: everything at a height of 53 cm only. The easy handling of the M5 allows the setup or installation of the loudspeaker in a shortest possible time. The range of applications is almost unlimited.

MAXLINE M5 offers the maximum in every situation, whether as main PA, a delay line, satellite speaker on a tripod, centerfill, sidefill, monitoring or fixed installation.


Premium Flyware and Accessories

MC5 Flyframe
Flyframe for M5 line-array module, for use in combination with MB5 bracket only.


MB5 Bracket
Universal bracket for M5 line-array module (tripod and rigging applications) including 4 x PG1 L-grip.


MCON Connector
Set to connect 2 x M5 line-array module in a line, consisting of 2 metal plates and 4 x PG1 L-grip.


MS5 Slider
Rigging suspension for MC5 flyframe, including 2 x EP2 pin and 28 mm spigot (steel).


DTC1 Quick Trigger
Quick trigger with 29 mm spigot adapter for truss systems.



6 x 5", two-way, compact line array, hornloaded, precurved
100 Hz - 20 kHz
110 Hz - 20 kHz
100° x 22° nominal
3 x planar waveguide horn
1.2 kHz

Passive: 800 W / 1.600 W
136 dB SPL peak
104 dB SPL
6 x NOVA 5/150EL-8, 1.5“ voice coil
6 ohms (passive)
3 x NOVA TPM4-1750, 1.75 in. PM4 voice coil driver
16 ohms (passive)
Ext. DSP High Pass Filter (Buttherworth / 24 dB />120 Hz)
Fullrange, 15 mm, plywood (multi layer)
6 x M10 mounting points
Black NOVA PolyCoat©
Powder coated, black, perforated steel with acoustic
transparent charcoal foam backing, NOVA logo
2 x Neutrik© Speakon© NL4
1+/1- (2+/2- linked from input to output)
370 mm x 530 mm x 375 mm
27 kg
MB5: U-bracket (Article number: # 26136)
MC5: Flyframe (Article number: # 26135)
MS5: Slider for MC5 (Article number # 26137)
MP5: Adapter for spigot (Article number # 30105)
MCON: Set of 2 x connector (Article number # 26138)
DTC1: Quick trigger (Article number # 26140)

System Type:
Frequency Range (-10 dB):
Frequency Response (±3 dB):
Coverage Pattern:
HF Horn:
Crossover Modes:
Crossover Frequency:
Power Rating
(Continuous** / Program):
Maximum SPL***:
System Sensitivity (1w/1m):
LF Driver
LF Nominal Impedance:
MF Driver:
MF Nominal Impedance:
HF Driver:
HF Nominal Impedance:
Active Tunings:
Suspension / Mounting:

Input Connectors:

Dimensions (W x H x D):
Net Weight:
Optional Accessories:



CAD Drawings

PDF Technical Drawing

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DWG Technical Drawing


Product Pictures

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Recommended Subwoofer

MAXLINE Configurations

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MP5 Adapter
Adapter plate for 28 mm spigot or truss clamp.


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